entertaining….garden lunch x 2

Food prepared from your own garden just tastes so much better than anything from the super market. I don’t have a garden, just a pot with a cherry tomato plant that has treated me to two strange looking reddish pea sized tomatoes. I also have a few herb plants. The cilantro bolted and the bugs are eating the basil. The rosemary is looking good. Unfortunately I  dislike the taste of rosemary.  No matter, there is always the farmers market or if you are really lucky, one of your friends who has a garden will have you over for lunch. If you are really-really lucky another friend with a garden will make you lunch the very next day as well.

I am just that lucky.

Sunday garden lunch

with Ben, Natasha & David

Starters-Farmstead cheese

Next course- Matunuck  Oysters  some raw and some grilled with bacon.

Ben  grilling up lunch.

Sausages,  grilled shrimp and assorted veggie dishes from the garden.

Monday Garden Lunch with Heidi & Merilee

My friend Heidi at her Wee folk Farm, The beets were a treat for me. Thankfully the chicken was not.

Starters- Garden Salsa and homemade hummus and tortilla chips.

Open faced veggie sandwich. Sauteed zucchini, summer squash, onions,roasted red peppers, mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and cucumbers. Heidi’s homemade bread.

Thank you my friends. I hope my luck continues on Tuesday.


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