go here….Robin Hollow Farm

Farmers Markets

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon walk with my friend KF we wandered upon the first day of the farmers market in Newport, RI. Now it really feels like the summer season has begun! Regrettably we had just eaten frozen yogurt while downtown and my fridge at home was fully stocked. Next week we will be planning accordingly.

Not to worry I didn’t leave empty handed. Polly Hutchison offered me shelter from the drizzly weather under her her tent which was chock full of the most  beautiful flowers from her Robin Hollow Farm from Saunderstown. Of course there was no way I was leaving without one of her remarkable bouquets. Happiness!

All the stands looked wonderfully enticing and I am excited to try things from all the vendors in weeks to come.



 The market is now open at the Newport Vineyards on Saturday’s 9 am to 1 pm and in Newport,  Memorial Ave,  on Wednesday’s, 2 pm to 6 pm.


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