eat here…Pasta Beach

Pizza Perfect.

  My friends and I spend a fair amount of time debating about where to dine. We are lucky enough to live in a place that has many restaurants and cafes options but some how every time we go out we end up at one of the same handful of places. It’s not a bad thing to have favorite spots. Pasta Beach in Newport, Rhode Island is one of those spots for us. My friend J.G. has said that I just have to mention Pasta Beach and she can feel her mouth water. I often dine with vegetarian friends so this place offers many pasta and pizza options for them. Service varies depending on who you get as a server but for the most part it is a friendly bunch. The decor won’t win awards but it doesn’t really matter, it has a certain charm to it. It is pretty much what you might expect from a casual restaurant. I encourage you to do as we do and dine early, it can get pretty crowded, especially when the summer season is if full swing.  They have few outside seats that help with the over flow in the summer.

  I have other favorite spots, but when it comes to pizza, hands down this is the winner. Full disclosure, I have worked for more than 30 years the restaurant industry. I have owned, managed, served, cooked, and cleaned up after others. I am not working in the biz at this moment but I feel you can trust me when I say I am a tiny bit critical. So stay tune for more “eat here…” posts and I will try to introduce you some food places that are getting it right.



12 thoughts on “eat here…Pasta Beach

  1. Love it!! Congratulations on your lovely new blog! I want to visit Pasta Beach right now! Well done! PS — shared on FB.

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